How Long Will Trump Last? Make a Guess!

Okay, at first it was just a sly hint, a trickle of wishfulness, but it’s become a pretty serious subject of open discussion now, both on social media and on the street: How long do you think Trump will last as President?

Some say he’s going to commit an apparently impeachable offense, and Congress will go after him. If that’s the case, he has two choices: (1) to ride it out and hope to carry the day, with his mass of toothless supporters pressuring the House and Senate enough that they won’t convict him,  or, (2) he just pulls a Nixon and goes away.

Others, me among them, think he’s just going to get tired of all the shit he has to put up with and he’s just going to take a hike, saying “I picked a really great vice president, and I think he’ll be a great president. He’ll finish the job of making America great again.” And then he’ll just quit.

Personally, I think that he was in it for the “deal,” to prove he could do it, but we all know that as soon as he finishes a deal, he just moves onto the next one. He never sticks around to do the grunt work it takes to actually make the deal work. He’s got “people” for that.

Well, he won the deal. He got elected. He’s proven he could do it. It’s a matter of time before he tires of the day-to-day bother of being President of the United States. So let’s have some fun.

How long do YOU think he’ll stay? Just go down to the comments section below and post your guess. Name the year, the month, the date and the hour Trump officially leaves office. The contest will go on as long as Trump is President. It will end when I award the prizes—some official White House stuff I’ve accumulated over the years—to the person who has the closest guess to that day.

Okay, as of this week, he’s made it two months. How much longer? Register your guess. I think my web host requires an e-mail address to leave a comment, but I promise not to share that with anyone. Include your name with your guess. If you win, we’ll announce it right here, and send you an e-mail, and you can claim the prizes.

I’ll start. I’m picking 12 noon, July 4, 2017. Even though I hope I don’t have to wait that long.

The rest of you:  GO!

Oh one little thing. Forum Communications, my web host, says I have to approve all comments (it’s for my own protection), so it might take a little while for your guess to show up. So don’t panic if it doesn’t show up right away. I’ll get to my computer and approve it eventually.


48 thoughts on “How Long Will Trump Last? Make a Guess!

  1. January 20th, 2025 at 12 noon (EST). This day and time coincide with the return of the wit, charm and historical insight of our old friend Jim Fuglie who will also at this hour end his sad, futile, albeit chimerical, interlude with the “resistance”.


  2. August 15, 2018 at noon. Not until polls are showing the Repubs losing both the House and the Senate. Of course, Trump won’t believe the polls, but at that point Ryan and McConnell will let him know the gig is up, or they will finally start impeachment. Having him hang on that long could actually be good news for the Dems (assuming he doesn’t blow us all up in the meantime), since an early exit would give Pence,, more time to recover and salvage the midterms.


  3. Need to build some pressure first. Something like a war with North Korea gone wrong.
    Then an exit speech similar to LBJ gave on March 31, 1968. Therefore I give it another year & select March 31, 2018 @ 12:00 noon. Here’s the LBJ speech.


  4. As I was reading this post, a question came to me. Say he quits or is impeached. will he and his family have protection from the Secret Service? If I remember correctly, don’t former presidents have a security detail for the remainder of their lives? Or am I mistaken about this? If I am not mistaken, what the heck is it going to cost to keep Dump and his family protected in the future?


  5. Humor us with another funny article- 8 years! We had to get over it so MUST you! Remember you can keep your healthcare.


  6. He will be in 8 years if he:

    Slows third world immigration, continues to bring back high paying jobs, negotiates truly free trade, not the corporate crony capitalist trade we have now with so-called free trade agreements, ends the politically correct anti-free speech straight jacket imposed by the alt left feel good crowd, and continues to spin up the self-important self designated faux elite, keeping them at a frenzied level of outrage for our viewing and reading enjoyment.


  7. When his second term is completed! He will be a great President once we rid ourselves of the obstuctionists like Schumer, Pelosi, Warren, and the comedian senator from Minnesota….know it all Franken!


  8. The blogs on President Trump’s eventual impeachment are conjecture, blogged by a person with far left views. He is now our President, and deserving strong support from those of us who voted for him. He s not a politician, he was a business executive, and is on sharp learning curve. There is evidence that he is coming to understand the importance of diplomacy and compromise. Rather, then denigrating the President, pray for him and his administration. We didn’t become a great nation by denigration, contempt and belittling our Presidents. Many of us disagreed with President Obama, however we respected him as our commander-chief. Our government has three branches, executive, legislative and judicial. This provides checks and balances so no branch can overstep their authority. God bless America!


  9. I don’t care to hazard a guess as to the exact time but I personally hope if he does go that a scandal breaks that takes Pence out with him. Pence’s views are just as scary as Trump’s to me and he might have more political chops to actually get them done once the Trump millstone is off his neck.


  10. January 20, 2018 at noon on the anniversary of the Inauguration. When he finds that his style has “shifted” the balance of power in the congress, he’ll blame the Democrats and “take his ball and go home.”


  11. Trumpy is slippery. He has made it through a few bankruptcies and come out the other end. My guess his term will end when the Great Americans get tired of being bullied by Cheeto. But this might be a fake reply. One can never tell these days. 9-11-17


  12. Until January 2025 after he has served his 2 terms. Trump is a God send. He is just what this country has needed for a long time……… 8 years ago. If he had run for president 8 years ago, He could have beat Barrabas Obama then and wouldn’t have inherited the mess he has now. I just hope that he can with stand the heat and abuse that the left is throwing at him. Like somebody said, Trump is neither Republican or Democrat he is a pragmatist. He sees a problem and fixes it. Liberal politics is what has gotten us into the toilet as far as we are. All of the Liberals in this country need to be shipped over to Iran. Trump will make this country great again like our founding fathers intended..


  13. June 21 2017,6 ;28pm.. That will be a great birthday present for my husband. And, yes, Ron; I thought of that before I read your comment. If I could have a second guess I’d change the time to 3:45 am in a tweet.


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