Weekenders (Pretend It’s Friday)

THE CAT’S ON THE ROOF My old friend Buckshot Hoffner (I mean “old” both ways—we’ve been friends for more than 30 years, and he is old—closer to 90 than 80) came home from World War II with a big prize. Her name was Patricia, and she was an English beauty who left her home in … Continue reading Weekenders (Pretend It’s Friday)

A Letter From The Game And Fish Director

North Dakota Game and Fish Department Director Terry Steinwand will release a final draft of the report titled "POTENTIAL IMPACTS OF OIL AND GAS DEVELOPMENT ON SELECT NORTH DAKOTA NATURAL RESOURCES" by the end of May, nearly a year after it was written and two months after it was first revealed by blogger Chad Nodland … Continue reading A Letter From The Game And Fish Director

10 Best Places In North Dakota

At Bismarck State College today, two men who love North Dakota are going to sit on the stage and share with us their ten best places in North Dakota as part of BSC’s Community Conversations program. Clay Jenkinson and Larry Skogen surely know a lot about our state.  I am eager to hear what they … Continue reading 10 Best Places In North Dakota

More Game and Fish Notes

Whither the Muleys and Sage Hens? Two wildlife stories of importance in the newspapers this week. North Dakota mule deer licenses will be cut by almost 40 per cent in 2011. There will be no sage grouse season in North Dakota this year. Three successive harsh winters is the reason for the cutback in muley … Continue reading More Game and Fish Notes

RIP Frank Wald

We note the passing recently of two very conservative men: Frank Wald and Claire Blomquist. Most readers of this blog know of Frank Wald, a longtime legislator from Dickinson. Despite our political differences, Frank Wald was, I am pleased to say, a friend of mine. Our acquaintanceship goes back more than 40 years, when I … Continue reading RIP Frank Wald