Refinery Company: Still Blowing Smoke, Still Sleazy

Last week William Prentice, the slickster CEO of Meridian Energy, which wants to build an oil refinery 2 ½ miles from Theodore Roosevelt National Park, blew a bunch of smoke up the ass of a young reporter for The Dickinson Press, and the kid, who’s actually a pretty good writer, wrote a real puff piece … Continue reading Refinery Company: Still Blowing Smoke, Still Sleazy

Another Trip Around the Sun

Sometime after I went to bed last night I completed my 70th trip around the sun. Today I begin my 71st.  They’ve been interesting trips. I’ve enjoyed most of all of them. They’ve all been different. If I could do them over, there are probably a few different roads I’d choose, a few different off-ramps I’d … Continue reading Another Trip Around the Sun