‘Responsibility Is Not Applicable’

Only the most cynical among us could have come up with a scenario for the game that played out in the election of Legislators from Legislative District 8, a scenario which came to an end Tuesday when the North Dakota Supreme Court settled it. Final score: Jeff Delzer 5  Doug Burgum 0.               It … Continue reading ‘Responsibility Is Not Applicable’

Orgiastic Politics: The Strange Case of District 8

Dang it, the Bismarck Tribune stole my headline this morning, pointing out on the front page there’s going to be a “3-way” over in the Supreme Court tomorrow morning, in the case involving the District 8 Legislative seat. If it turns out to be a good “3-way,” somebody’s going to get screwed. In fact, more … Continue reading Orgiastic Politics: The Strange Case of District 8

Summer’s Gone, And Still No Refinery. Yay!

November. Another construction season has come and gone in North Dakota. It’s about the fourth construction season that Meridian Energy Group has promised (threatened?) to build an oil refinery three miles from Theodore Roosevelt National Park. So far, we’ve dodged a bullet. The company has been plagued by financial problems. They’ve had a two million … Continue reading Summer’s Gone, And Still No Refinery. Yay!

Vacancy? What Vacancy?

Here’s the thing about Governor Burgum’s move yesterday to jump in the middle of the bizarre District 8 Legislative mess and appoint a coal company executive to fill the vacancy left by the death and subsequent election of Dave Andahl: Right now, there’s no vacancy to be filled. By now all the papers are telling … Continue reading Vacancy? What Vacancy?

Requiescant in Pace, North Dakota Democrats

Here’s my short analysis of yesterday’s election results in North Dakota. There were 69 Legislative seats on the ballot across the state in 23 Legislative Districts. One Senate seat and two House seats in each district. Republicans won 65 of those seats. Democrats won 4. The absolute worst performance by a political party (excluding fringe … Continue reading Requiescant in Pace, North Dakota Democrats