Don’t Mess With The IRS

The purpose of this post is to remind you that this is the week during which you need to submit comments to the U.S. Forest Service on the issue of mining gravel at Theodore Roosevelt's Elkhorn Ranch site. Comments should be submitted to Ron Jablonski at the address below (I listed the wrong address and … Continue reading Don’t Mess With The IRS

Your Comments Welcome . . . And Necessary

Late Tuesday, the U.S. Forest Service posted the scoping documents for the “Elkhorn Gravel Pit” on its website.  The documents tell you what Roger Lothspeich, who owns half the surface minerals on the Elkhorn Ranchlands, plans to do to this historic site. As I’ve noted in the three previous blog posts on this issue, citizens … Continue reading Your Comments Welcome . . . And Necessary

Here’s A ‘Who’s Who’ List For You

Take a look at the list of names below. They are the members of the Advisory Council of the Friends of the Elkhorn Ranch, the organization formed in 2007 which helped gain public ownership of the former Eberts Ranch, now the Elkhorn Ranchlands, which is threatened by gravel mining by the surface mineral owners. Theodore … Continue reading Here’s A ‘Who’s Who’ List For You

Stupid and Ugly

Continuing with our discussion of the Seven Deadly Sins. Our revisionist group identified two more, pretty much unanimously, that should be submitted for ratification: Stupid, and Ugly. Stupid, not in the sense of being born with diminished intellectual capabilities, but doing or saying things that just don't make any sense to anyone, and should not … Continue reading Stupid and Ugly