A Little Good News For The Bad Lands

Here’s an updated version of an article that I wrote for this month’s issue of Dakota Country magazine: There’s a new set of eyes behind the desk of the North Dakota Game and Fish Department’s Wildlife Division Chief, and that spells good news for the Bad Lands. Jeb Williams, now four months into his job … Continue reading A Little Good News For The Bad Lands

A Couple of Christmas Poems

         James W. Foley was North Dakota’s longtime Poet Laureate. He grew up in Medora, where his family served as caretakers for the home built in 1884 by the Marquis de Mores for the parents of his wife, Medora. The restored home, now known as the  Von Hoffman House, remains open to … Continue reading A Couple of Christmas Poems

It’s Time To Get In Line For Our Wildlife

Soon it will be January of an odd-numbered year. For those who follow politics, and the result of politics—government—it is the beginning of the time when laws are made. They’ll be made in the North Dakotas by the State Legislature. They’ll be made in Washington by the United States Congress. In Washington, there haven’t been … Continue reading It’s Time To Get In Line For Our Wildlife

The Lady Who Bankrupted Herberger’s

It is the third of December and today I finished my Christmas shopping. I didn’t mean to, and I am probably exaggerating, because I will probably get the urge to buy something for somebody, most likely Lillian, in the next three weeks, but technically, I am done, because I accomplished what I set out to … Continue reading The Lady Who Bankrupted Herberger’s