The Prairie Provides, When It Is Taken Care Of

My friend Darrell Dorgan dedicated nearly 15 years of his life to the North Dakota Cowboy Hall of Fame. I was with him at the Lonesome Dove bar on the Strip in Mandan back in 1994 or 1995 when a guy neither of us knew, Phil Baird, brought a bunch of us together and pitched … Continue reading The Prairie Provides, When It Is Taken Care Of

Let’s All Go To The Elkhorn Ranch

You’re reading about Theodore Roosevelt’s ranch home in the North Dakota Bad Lands in the 1880’s, the Elkhorn Ranch, a lot lately. Not just here. It’s national news now. It’s in the local newspapers. Lauren Donavon at the Bismarck Tribune is doing a darn good job of telling the story of the threats to the … Continue reading Let’s All Go To The Elkhorn Ranch

The Deadline Is Today

Just one more reminder: Today, June 22, 2012, is the last day for telling the Federal Highway Administration, the North Dakota Department of Transportation and Billings County Commissioners that putting a new bridge over the Little Missouri River near the Elkhorn Ranch is a really bad idea. I’ve gotten copies of some of the comments … Continue reading The Deadline Is Today

The Case For Alternative L

I'm not going to apologize for letting the problems confronting the Elkhorn Ranch Site dominate my blog lately. There's simply no greater priority in my world right now. We're up against another deadline. Comments on the proposed new bridge for oil trucks across the Little Missouri River near the Elkhorn Ranch must be submitted to … Continue reading The Case For Alternative L

‘Let Roosevelt Guide You’

The comment period has passed for letting the U.S. Forest Service know what you think of its Draft Environmental Assessment (DEA) of the proposed gravel mining operation near the Elkhorn Ranch. I've written several articles about this issue. But none of my articles is as eloquent and thoughtful as the one I am going to … Continue reading ‘Let Roosevelt Guide You’


IT WAS AN ELKHORN RANCH WEEK Last Sunday, the Dickinson Press carried a story about the proposed new Little Missouri River crossing near the Elkhorn, Theodore Roosevelt’s 1880’s Bad Lands ranch, now a National Park site. It was a precursor to two public hearings scheduled later in the week on the bridge project. In the … Continue reading Weekenders

Protect It At All Costs

Do you want to read something really interesting? We live in amazing times. I was looking for a piece of information the other day as I was preparing to write an article on the Elkhorn Ranch. Google. Up popped this Bismarck Tribune article from 2004. I had forgotten some of the modern history behind the … Continue reading Protect It At All Costs

The Bugle Sounds Again!

Well, the battle to protect the Elkhorn Ranch from being excavated as a gravel pit (which I wrote about earlier this week) or invaded by an oil transport road (which I will write about next week) has taken on a new dimension. As you can see from the e-mails below, Tweed Roosevelt, the great grandson … Continue reading The Bugle Sounds Again!