Important Words From An Important Person

The departing Superintendent of Theodore Roosevelt National Park says the state “needs to be honest about what is happening in western North Dakota and address the environmental and social problems” that have been created by the state’s oil boom. Valerie Naylor, superintendent of the park for almost a dozen years, will retire from her National … Continue reading Important Words From An Important Person

2014 Election Analysis–Part 2

Like I said yesterday: All the Republicans are going to win. All the ballot measures are going to lose. The election of statewide constitutional officeholders in North Dakota is a pretty ho-hum affair this year. All the Republicans will keep their jobs. Somebody named Ryan will win. That would be appointed Tax Commissioner Ryan Rauschenberger, … Continue reading 2014 Election Analysis–Part 2

Dis-ing Measure 5

Three words describe my feelings about the campaign the opponents of Measure 5 (the Clean Water, Wildlife and Parks Constitutional Amendment) have run this year: Disingenuous, Dishonest and Disgusting. “Disingenuous,” because they buffaloed the poorly-led farm organizations into opposing a measure from which the members of those organizations would have been the major beneficiaries. Some … Continue reading Dis-ing Measure 5

Lining Up At The Federal Trough

In the 1970’s, when I was a reporter for The Dickinson Press, the coal boom was happening in western North Dakota, and there was a lot of power plant construction getting underway. Federal government largesse back then wasn’t what it has become today, but there were some federal funds flowing to North Dakota, mostly from … Continue reading Lining Up At The Federal Trough