Time To Send Denbury Packing?

Salt water is in the news this week. You read in the papers this morning that a company called Denbury Onshore, a subsidiary of Denbury Resources of Plano, Texas, which is in the oil business in the Bakken in both Montana and North Dakota, “released” about 700,000 gallons of salt water into Big Gumbo Creek … Continue reading Time To Send Denbury Packing?

Special Places? How About American Treasures?

A short history lesson on the Little Missouri National Grasslands of western North Dakota. For thousands of years Indian nations hunted and thrived on the grasslands. A spiritual tie to the land based on Indian beliefs developed and is still honored today. However, as America pushed west, the grasslands became home to new settlers in … Continue reading Special Places? How About American Treasures?

Here’s How We Can Help Wayne Stenehjem Tackle The Oil Industry

I’m beginning to think that Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem might just be ready to really start looking at oil and gas drilling permit applications instead of just giving them blanket approval at monthly meetings of the North Dakota Industrial Commission. That would be the best news to come out of the Oil Patch since fracking … Continue reading Here’s How We Can Help Wayne Stenehjem Tackle The Oil Industry

Journalism 101

A friend of mine once described me as a “lapsed journalist.” I corrected him and said I was a “recovering journalist.” In either case, the title gives me the credentials to tell you a story about the sorry state of journalism in North Dakota. Last Sunday, the Forum Communications Company’s North Dakota papers ran a … Continue reading Journalism 101