Closing Down A Power Plant?

Here's an e-mail that was in my inbox this morning: Friends,             As a long-time Bismarck resident and asthma patient, I know the importance of clean air and clean water when it comes to one’s health.             That’s why I’m worried about Montana-Dakota Utilities’ Heskett coal-fired power plant, right across the Missouri River from Bismarck … Continue reading Closing Down A Power Plant?

A Standing Headline

The headline blaring across the top of page 1B of the Bismarck Tribune Wednesday morning read “Oil Production Sets Record.” Note to Tribune editors: Just leave that page layout on your computer screen, and insert new numbers a month from today. The headline will still apply. And the month after that, and after that . … Continue reading A Standing Headline

Bought And Paid For

            Memo to North Dakota Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem and North Dakota Agriculture Commissioner Doug Goehring: You are up for re-election in 2014. Campaigns are expensive. Pretty soon it will be time to get going with your fundraising. If you need a place to start, just click here, and a list will be provided to … Continue reading Bought And Paid For

United States Senator Mary Kathryn (Heidi) Heitkamp. How About That?

So who gets credit for Heidi’s election? Cass County gave her almost a ten thousand vote margin. Grand Forks County three thousand. But a lawyer friend of mine who studies elections says it was the turnout on the traditionally Democrat-voting Indian reservations that won her the U.S. Senate seat.  How influential were the reservations in … Continue reading United States Senator Mary Kathryn (Heidi) Heitkamp. How About That?

Milton Who? Norman Who? Redux.

I’ve been pretty quiet here about the 2012 election. My team is losing, generally, and I don’t have much to add to the debate, except to point out the betrayal of the state and its values by the current Governor. It’s going to end badly for my team Tuesday night, I’m afraid. I’ve been poised … Continue reading Milton Who? Norman Who? Redux.

Some Things Never Change

The stories of the selling out of the North Dakota Bad Lands to the oil industry by our state’s leaders continue unabated. Almost daily now, there are more and more stories of shoddy management of cultural and natural resources in the name of greed. Readers of The Bismarck Tribune aren’t getting good coverage of the … Continue reading Some Things Never Change