So Long, Wayne

North Dakota sits in stunned silence this morning, trying to make sense of the unthinkable loss of a 68-year-old lifetime public servant.             Wayne Stenehjem was my friend for many years—I wonder how many people have said THAT this morning—although that friendship was a little rocky the last few years. The last time we visited … Continue reading So Long, Wayne

‘The Wings Have Come Off This Pig . . .’

If you’ve got any friends or relatives out in Stark or Billings Counties, around Belfield, tell them to start getting ready, because Meridian Energy Group is going to build them a refinery as a neighbor. It’ll be there in just three years, 10 months and 15 days--on Friday, December 12, 2025. That’s what Meridian CEO … Continue reading ‘The Wings Have Come Off This Pig . . .’

Bridges, Oil Wells, And Open Meetings

            I’ve written about the proposed bridge across the Little Missouri State Scenic River north of Medora enough times that I don’t need to go into a lot of background to bring you up to date on the project. I decided last week that I needed a little Bad Lands time, and the Billings County … Continue reading Bridges, Oil Wells, And Open Meetings

One More “Last Dance” For The Sage Grouse?

“I’ve shot probably half a dozen, or maybe as many as ten, sage grouse in my life. I’m likely among a small group of North Dakotans alive today who can say that. And that group is not going to get any bigger. Ever. Because there’s an awfully good chance we’ll never have another sage grouse … Continue reading One More “Last Dance” For The Sage Grouse?