Some Thoughts on the Election

All the Republicans are going to win. All the ballot measures are going to lose. No, that’s not my election prediction for 2016 (although it’s pretty close). Those were my election prediction on my blog for 2014, written two years ago this week, just before the 2014 election. (You can go back and look at … Continue reading Some Thoughts on the Election

The Great Meridian Energy Smokestack Scam

A couple of months ago I wrote about the new oil refinery proposed by Meridian Energy Group, to be built just east of Medora, within three miles of Theodore Roosevelt National Park. I wanted to wait with a follow-up until Meridian had actually submitted an application for an air quality permit, detailing what kind of … Continue reading The Great Meridian Energy Smokestack Scam

Death by a Thousand Cuts

Pipelines Leak. If North Dakota didn’t have such an awful reputation for not enforcing its environmental regulations in the Oil Patch, maybe we wouldn’t have a few thousand people camped out along the Cannonball River protesting the mother of all North Dakota pipelines, Dakota Access. Pipelines have been leaking oil and dangerous fracking salt water … Continue reading Death by a Thousand Cuts