Thumbs, Knives, And Recliners

Some things you just take for granted. Like opposable thumbs. When you lose the use of one (temporarily, I hope), you realize what a great invention they are. Here’s the rest of the story. I got a new recliner a couple weeks ago, replacing a ten-year-old one that had served its duty. It was host … Continue reading Thumbs, Knives, And Recliners

Birds Of A Feather . . .

In a surprising twist of fortune—or misfortune, I suppose, depending on your point of view—the company hired by Meridian Energy Group to design and build its oil refinery beside Theodore Roosevelt National Park is likely to file bankruptcy this week. Bloomberg reported over the weekend “McDermott International Inc. is preparing to file for bankruptcy as … Continue reading Birds Of A Feather . . .

Enter The Whistleblowers

Last month I began reporting on the apparent financial troubles besetting Meridian Energy Group, the company planning to build an oil refinery near the boundary of Theodore Roosevelt National Park in the North Dakota Bad Lands. Since then I’ve received more information on the company which I feel holds much merit and credit. I’m going … Continue reading Enter The Whistleblowers

Some Thoughts On Election Reform In 2020

In his regular Tuesday morning column in the Grand Forks Herald this week, Mike Jacobs wrote, “This is the last day of a year that’s made just about everybody uneasy about the state of our politics. To use a flood analogy, it seems as if the waters have divided and are rushing down parallel ditches. … Continue reading Some Thoughts On Election Reform In 2020