Just Another Day In The Oil Patch

If you go to the Williston Herald website and click on “News” today, here is a partial list of what you will find. Just another day in the oil patch. Uffda. Local News Trenton woman dies of carbon monoxide poisoning The name of a 49-year-old woman who died in Trenton Sunday has been released. Parshall … Continue reading Just Another Day In The Oil Patch

Matters of Opinion?

Have you ever noticed that people who don’t have much to say often talk about the weather? It’s like they just need to be saying something, but there’s not much going on upstairs, so, let’s talk about cold, or hot, or snow, or wind. One of the ways this manifests itself frequently, I’ve noticed, is … Continue reading Matters of Opinion?

$10,000 – No Questions Asked

The Legislature is coming to town Monday, ostensibly to draw new Legislative district lines, but more urgently to fix some of the state’s problems that cannot wait until the regular Legislative session in 2013. One of them is flood relief. Probably the most important one. For the record: I was not personally affected by the … Continue reading $10,000 – No Questions Asked