This Is Just F**king Stupid

The newspaper stories this morning said “North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum sad he intends to allow closed businesses to reopen Friday, May 1.” Well, isn’t that special. A great big Maybasket for North Dakota. Happy May Day. The rest of the stories: “The State Health Department on Monday also announced 75 new cases of COVID-19, … Continue reading This Is Just F**king Stupid

Bad News, Worse News, And A Ray Of Hope

I haven’t written here about the coronavirus and all its associated chaos because 1.) I really dislike bad news and don’t like to read it, much less write it; and 2.) Other than not being able to see, and talk to, and hug, our friends and family, we just haven’t been that much affected by … Continue reading Bad News, Worse News, And A Ray Of Hope

‘Every Penny Out Of My 401(k)’

As construction season approaches, albeit a little bit delayed by Mother Nature this week, we’ll be watching closely to see if any work begins at the Meridian Energy Group’s Davis Refinery site next door to Theodore Roosevelt National Park. I’ve been doing a little digging myself, not of the physical nature, but I encountered a … Continue reading ‘Every Penny Out Of My 401(k)’