Another Set of Eyes on Our Wild Bad Lands

  North Dakota has more than a million acres of public land, most of it in western North Dakota, our Little Missouri National Grasslands, managed by the United States Forest Service.            Most of it is grazing land, although it’s grazed by more than cattle and sheep. Pretty much every creature that lives in North Dakota … Continue reading Another Set of Eyes on Our Wild Bad Lands

The Race for an Open Seat in Congress

North Dakota’s Democrats will hold their state convention in Grand Forks later this week, and the highlight, if there’s to be one, will be choosing a candidate to run for North Dakota’s lone seat in the U.S. House of Representatives. So I’ve been thinking a bit about politics and conventions, especially past ones, similar to … Continue reading The Race for an Open Seat in Congress

Memories of a Great Governor

Calm was the day in late July And bright was the sun across the sky But inside his chest the calm had broken Governor Sinner had started croakin’. I laughed the first time I read that, and I’m still laughing every time I think about it. It’s a poem written by a sixth grader from … Continue reading Memories of a Great Governor

Seems to Be a Lot of POS’s Around These Days

North Dakota's district political conventions are about over, and state conventions are coming up, so I thought I might write a few political columns for the next few weeks. I've been hanging out around politics for a few years, and still have a pretty good memory (something my wife would dispute), and I still know … Continue reading Seems to Be a Lot of POS’s Around These Days

Colonel Jocelyne & Colonel Monique

Forty-three North Dakotans have been honored with the rank of Colonel in the North Dakota Theodore Roosevelt Rough Riders since North Dakota began giving its highest award to its highest achievers in 1961. It’s time to make it forty-five. The award was created by former Governor William L. Guy as part of North Dakota’s commemoration … Continue reading Colonel Jocelyne & Colonel Monique