High Praise

Well, high praise from Pat Finken Monday, in the form of an e-mail from the Brighter Future Fund. Pat’s Superpac, Brighter Future Fund (yeah, right) is a big supporter of Wayne Stenehjem. Pat created his Superpac in 2012 with money from the North Dakota Republican Party and a bunch of big GOP donors like Jim Roers, Steve Scheel and Jim Arthaud, to try to elect Rick Berg to the U. S. Senate. How’d that work out, Pat? It’s been hanging around and now has taken up the cause of Wayne Stenehjem.

I mentioned Pat in my blog yesterday as a member of the “Good Old Boys Network” that runs the state of North Dakota. Jim cropped mugshot (2)Monday he sent an e-mail to everyone on his mailing list, probably thousands of Republicans, about that blog. I’ve copied the e-mail as best I can, but I’m not very tech savvy. I think what follows is the text, missing the graphics, which included a very nice photo of me. I couldn’t make the photo show up in his e-mail text, so I’m just inserting it here. Because I’m so flattered by Pat’s attention. Pat Finken

And since he was nice enough to include a photo of me, I thought I’d share one of him that I found on the Internet–the same place he found the one of me. Here’s his e-mail to his followers.


Democrat Jim Fuglie Endorses Burgum

First, a little background on Jim Fuglie.

Jim is life-long Democrat and a former executive director for the North Dakota Democrat-NPL Party. He is also a supporter of Hillary Clinton’s, who has vowed to end the use of fossil fuels in our nation. Jim routinely lambasts the oil industry in North Dakota and is well-known for his anti-development rants.

Yesterday, Jim endorsed (you guessed it) Doug Burgum.

Jim based his decision to vote for Burgum on his perception that Burgum will be much less friendly to the oil industry and more like Fuglie. But the endorsement didn’t end there. Fuglie also encouraged all his Democrat friends to do the same. His goal is to get 10,000 Democrats to vote for Burgum.

Jim Fuglie joins a long list of anti-oil development activists supporting Doug Burgum. If you want to read the entire article, you can find it at


This June, we encourage energy voters to step up to protect one of our state’s most vital industries by voting for Wayne Stenehjem for Governor. His work fighting the Obama administration and the EPA has saved the energy industry thousands of jobs and billions of dollars. Wayne is a proven proponent of smart energy development and will help ensure that our state remains a great place to live, work and do business.

We encourage you to share the information we provide with friends and fellow voters. In doing so, we can ensure that North Dakotans can make informed decisions regarding the upcoming election and help us advance this vital sector of our state’s economy.

Thank You!

About Brighter Future North Dakota

Brighter Future North Dakota is a political action committee dedicated to advancing an all-of-the-above energy agenda for the State of North Dakota and our nation. Together, we can make America energy independent and ensure North Dakota plays a key role in providing the energy our nation needs to prosper and be secure.


Paid for by the Brighter Future ND, Pat Finken Agent


2 thoughts on “High Praise

  1. I think one could judge Jim by his enemies. Good shot Jim. Finkel is an unabashed shill for big oil. I am not sure that big oil wants as much as they have been handed. They may have a longer vision for the future than Jack and Wayne.

    I am and always will be pro-oil and coal. I want the lights to turn on and my care requires some form of fossil fuel. At this point in time, that is the way it is. I have also advocated the use of our government resource along with the energy industry to develop less emissions and cleaner fuel. As time goes on, it should be obvious that we must continue to look forward.

    I would suggest that a lot of those who live west of Bismarck feel the same way. That is not anti or pro oil and coal but a practical approach. I also would suggest that Jack and Wayne and Doug(the industrial commission) have given away much more that even big oil could ever expect. Balance is in the long term interest of the fossil fuel industry.

    A reminder here, Agriculture is a far more important part of our economy than oil can ever be. Technology or the passage of time will not change that reality. Any industrial economy will be divided into a 70% agriculture and 30% other raw materials—it is just natural law. Agriculture has been shortchanged for so long that we have forgotten that it is the basis for the American economy.

    Burgum-Stenjhem is too close to call. Tomorrow will be interesting. I’ll bet that Measure 1(corporate agriculture) will result in about 60-70% no votes. A Burgum win will signify a real break down in the Republican party. If Democrats have any savvy, they will take advantage of that an begin to rethink just who they represent and stand up. The state is expressing a hunger for it—as the Bernie results have indicated as well as the Trump support here.


  2. i am one of the ten thousand! wow. i live in Western ND and i am a victim of Big Oil and the State Dept. All the spillage of raw materials by Big Oil could probably light the entire world for a year. But all it did for me was cause me great illness. Anemia. 46 units of blood in five years!

    How does one feel after struggling for a good ten years to find the cause of a health problem? How does one feel trying to tell your doctor and friends that benzene is causing your anemia?

    If those who like to knock Jim Fuglie have any balls at all they will all go to this site and read what it says. http://oilandgasthreatmap.com/fossil-fumes/

    i have struggled the last five years to find the information in a neat and concise venue. And suddenly this past week, it dropped in my lap. i cried!

    i have thousands of articles in my lap top that all prove my point to some extent. But no one really listens because those who beat the drum for big oil live too far away from the source. They have not suffered. But we in western ND have suffered. Quite a few of our folks have died of cancer, others suffer respiratory ailments, others are battling cancer right now. Some folks have died at the wheel because some out of state dude had no idea how to drive on bare roads or ice. Some have died from gun shots, knives, drugs. We suffer the indecency of the indecent selling women and drugs.

    Now we battle a radioactive waste pit right on US Highway 85 between Alexander and Williston. That pit exudes a horrid stench. i am sure there is a huge concentration of benzene and of course all the other unknown chemicals.

    The motto of the state health dept is clean air, land, water for all. Well, apparently those in western ND do not fit in the ALL section because the health dept and the industrial commission just shove this stuff on us secretly too. Go by that pit and take a good sniff.

    The sooner we can get rid of fossil fuels the better.

    How the hell did the state of ND get by for a hundred years before big oil crashed the scene? And i also really need to know where the 18 billion in revenue went. Invested in Wall Street or in the Industrial and St Health off shore bank accounts? i can”t think of any project where anywhere near a billion was invested in infrastructure much less 18 projects or 36 with a half billion each.

    i have an idea i am also voting for Burgum/Sanford in the fall. i know what Sanford has done in Watford. i am so impressed with Sanford and the Watford City Council and their ability to GET ER DONE.

    So Jim Fuglie this old lady has your back! Keep up the good work. The aim of the arrow slingers is not so good! Let’s hope they find recipes for eating oil spills since they are too proud to stand up for their farm and ranch communities.


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