“Reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated”

From this:

AC Record

To this, in just one week:

AC record is back

I’m pretty sure that is the biggest headline ever in the Adams County Record. And well it should be. Just a week after the paper announced on November 29,  “This is the final issue of the Adams County Record,” because its corporate owner was shutting it down, a local neighboring publisher picked it up and revived it.

The paper’s new owner, Jill Friesz, said on December 6:

“Newspapers across the country get enough negative attention for corporate takeovers, staff reductions, and the ever-popular rumor, newspapers are dying.”

“Newspapers are the lifeline of the communities they serve, and the Herald and the Adams County Record are definitely not dying.”


One thought on ““Reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated”

  1. So glad that a couple newspapers are not dying. But here’s another take. IN September, the holy post office officials changed routes out here in western ND and guess what? I never got my paper from last week, that one is the McKenzie Co Farmer, and yesterday the one for this week was also not in the mail box. This is not the first time, but one of many since Sept. Sorry I did not go today Thursday to see if anything came in. The mail is all in a fritz, there are bucket loads of mail left at the Alexander PO that belong to many other towns in the area. The PO person had to go to Williston a couple weeks ago on a Saturday to GET the Alexander mail. There are people screaming that their packages and mail have not appeared here.
    And so it goes. I guess the REPUBLICANS are really trying to PRIORITIZE mail delivery by
    “excuse me bad word” up the deliveries.
    So all those high and mighties out there, stuff that in your ” ” !



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