This Is Just F**king Stupid

The newspaper stories this morning said “North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum sad he intends to allow closed businesses to reopen Friday, May 1.”

Well, isn’t that special. A great big Maybasket for North Dakota. Happy May Day.

The rest of the stories:

“The State Health Department on Monday also announced 75 new cases of COVID-19, marking the second highest single-day total since the outbreak started . . .”

“Burgum cited various encouraging factors in the state’s efforts to stem the spread of the coronavirus disease, including . . . ample hospital bed capacity . . .”

Well, great. We’ve got plenty of hospital beds available, so let’s open everything up and fill up those hospital beds.

That is all I’m going to say on my blog this morning. That is all that needs to be said.

Except . . .


8 thoughts on “This Is Just F**king Stupid

  1. you are right Jim. We have tested less than 4% of the population in North Dakota. Not a good sample size since a big portion of that was in Grand Forks.


  2. They are just trying to kill off the democrats! But they forgot we are too smart and we are staying HOME. YES. At least I am safe here in my home and yard. Don’t need and don’t want. I think we are living Christ’s values, don’t you?


  3. Jim, just take your blood pressure pill and go back to the garden with Lillian and enjoy. Invite Nancy and Chuck to the farm and have a picnic. Keep them out of DC so they can’t spend us into purgatory…. Ask them two what 75 million to the JFK Center had to do with PPE. Then JKF dumped every employee a day later. 150 million to the National Arts. Really Jim? Now? And now she wants us, the US taxpayer, to bail out the shitty irresponsible liberal social spending States of NY. CA., IL. Hell NO… They had bankrupt budgets before this… IL. hasn’t had a budget for 12 years due to the Democratic run Governor’s Office…. And yesterday she announced Bernie’s deal of “Universal income” for all… Hell NO. Now this kind of spending now will get a person’s blood pressure up.

    So Chicken LIttle you think all business should stay shuttered, go bankrupt and not open up. They can’t wait any longer. Let’s let government rule our right to life….liberty… and the pursuit of happiness. That’s what you Dems want…. Geez Jim… Your hatred for Republicans is showing big time simply by driving us back to the stone age. Maybe we should give up, put our head between our legs and kiss our ass as Chicken Little was right. The sky is falling…..

    Let’s get real Jim …….Let’s say it’s 1987 and your conjoined twin, Governor Sinner, (nice guy by the way and a good governor) back in the day did this same announcement. You would be towing the the same line and telling people to be smart and abide by the rules of social distancing and the like. And you know George Sinner at this point would be doing this very same thing and begin to open back up. Government is for the people Jim. Government doesn’t run the people as you Dems would like. Make us all equal. Wear ties and white IBM starched shirts. Can’t happen Jim……It’s called the BIll of Rights……..

    We can’t keep people, unlike you…. RETIRED…. from earning a paycheck. Yours still comes every month, open or not….. In your last blog you even stated the Stay at Home has not hurt you one bit as your income is unchanged. It isn’t so with the business owner or the worker counting on paychecks from those business owners People need to earn. People are not going to rush to the theater or put on a kegger. Just because we are trying to get back to some assemblance of life it doesn’t mean all hell will break out. So….. easy Jimbo…… understand their situation.

    Grocery stores, gas stations, C-stores, Electricians, Plumbers and other types of Essential Businesses operated the entire time and things seem to have worked out. Yes, the virus is deadly to some. Scary to others.

    But hey… Let’s give North Dakotans the benefit of the doubt that they will be responsible enough to remain safe, keep covered, and understand things are not back to normal. YET….

    That will be coming. But we have too start to walk before we can run again…..
    Let’s begin the walk today…..

    Always fun to poke you in the ribs a bit……

    Enjoy the sunshine and a beer or two.


  4. I am glad to read the Burghum is “Sad” to reopen. Perhaps he has a heart for those who are going to suffer as a result of this.


  5. wow, keep the f-bomb to yourself, just started reading this blog a few months back and am disappointed to see your inability to find more suitable words to print…


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