The Army docs fixed me up just fine and sent me back to Waikiki late yesterday, just in time for a Goodbye-To-Oahu supper. Joined my family and they splurged for dessert. Today it is off to the Big Island of Hawai’i and Volcanoes National Park (if it is still there).

First, a Bloody Mary on the beach (it’s still morning here). So great to be back on Waikiki. I had almost forgotten what pretty girls in bikinis looked like.


Now that’s what I call a Welcome Back Dessert

2 thoughts on “VACATION RESUMED!

  1. Way to go Jim! Stay the hell in Hawaii for a long time as we are not going to dig out from this new Colorado Low for a while I bet. You and Lillian have a wonderful Christmas and an even better 2023. Drink more Bloody Mary’s take less pills!


  2. Have a wonderful healthy trip!

    Time flies like an Arrow. Truth flies like a Banana.
    …Wake Up…Wise Up…Save Up…and live The Golden Rule.


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